About me

I am a PhD student at King’s College London and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, specialising in Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics. My main research interest lies in the notions of determinacy and bivalence in the context of theories of truth and mathematics. My thesis is entitled `Determinacy and bivalence: a (mostly) truth-theoretic approach’. 

As part of this project, I work extensively on formal theories of truth, proof-theory, and the philosophy and metamathematics of arithmetical theories. My research is funded by an AHRC doctoral scholarship, and I am supervised by Dr Carlo Nicolai and Prof Karl-Georg Niebergall. 

Besides my PhD project, I have interests in set theory, in all aspects of the philosophy and history of logic and mathematics, in the philosophy of religion, and in radical politics. As per my studies, I obtained a BA and an MPhil in Philosophy at KCL. I also completed a part-time BSc in Economics from the Spanish Online University (UNED). 

Since 2022, I am also the President of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association, and a co-founder of the informal Philosophy of Set Theory group,  PoSeT

For a more-or-less updated CV, see here.